Frequently Asked Questions

Right now, I deliver on Monday mornings between 8:30AM-10:00AM because that is what is working for my current customers.  I am open to requests and can be somewhat flexible to accommodate customers around my other part time job.  If there is a specific time/day you are looking for, please send me an email.  I can also make a delivery later in the week with fresh salads for the weekend!

Right now, I have 2 salads per week.  The rainbow, which is like a tossed salad, and you can add protein – chick peas, black beans or edamame – and the Feature salad, announced weekly with orders due by the Friday afternoon.  My hope is that I will soon be able to devote more time to my Hearts and then this, too, will change and more variety will be added.

The jar can be picked up the following week if you order again, or I can arrange pick up when I am delivering on Mondays.

To a certain extent, substitutions can be made.  A request for no olives, onions, etc – absolutely!

If you have a question, please note it in the comments section of your order, Or message me!